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Welcome !

Helping you to achieve your full potential

Helping you to stop worrying and to get annoyed about people and situations

Remembering the energy laws

Powerfully activating the law of attraction

Coaching that will really transform your life for real

Anna Christina Doll is a certified coach, clairvoyant medium, psychological consultant, Reiki master, and certified Feng Shui consultant.

In a fun and loving way I will help you to get rid of old patterns, karma, trauma, etc.

by working with your subconscious mind and to establish positive new content which will manifest in your outer experience.

Please understand that my work often brings resitance as people like to be happy, but often they do not like change. That is why I offer my work only in ´packages´ of either five or ten sessions.

This work encompasses all areas of life, including children, family, relationships, work, finances, health, spirituality, addictions, creativity, animals, loved ones that passed on, etc.

I am really looking forward to connecting with you and to help you lead a very happy, healthy, fulfilling live.

Much love, Yours Anna
Mother Meera
Saint Germain


Once you booked the package and we received the payment,
we will then do our best to find appointments quickly.

The sessions can either be carried out through skype or phone.

The price per session for a package of:
five (5) sessions: 170 Euro
ten (10) sessions: 180 Euro

The price for single session only: 190 Euro

Payments with paypal are welcome.
(For payments please click on icon)

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully

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